XIV Raid DPS Calculator - Changes/Issues

Thu Dec 27 2018

  • Some buffs were showing up as debuffs in events and were getting disregarded, this should be fixed now.
  • Embolden should now show up in the details view.

Sun Oct 21 2018

  • Damage over time snapshotting for buff contribution added.

Sat Oct 06 2018

  • Alphascape savage encounters added to the encounter list.
  • Fixed a problem with overridden debuffs on certain logs.
  • Added damage type checking for abilities that deviate from a job's normal damage type. This includes autoattacks.

Fri Sep 07 2018

Debuffs and damage from debuffs will now be categorized by enemy target.
  • The "prepull" check wasn't checking if there were aren't instances of that buff applied, now if there's any ranges defined for that buff, it won't count as prepull
  • It was adding debuffs for each enemy target. Splitting them up is actually correct, but I needed to split that up in the damage event calculation too so there are not a bunch of duplicate damage calculations.
  • Overridden buffs were generating new ranges instead of simply overriding.
  • A target blacklist now exists for xivrdps as well, since events do not blacklist anything. For example, Easterly from O6S will no longer be considered as a valid debuff/damage target.
  • Haste buffs are reimplemented in a completely different manner. Ignoring OGCDs/dot ticks, it takes the player's GCD, the amount of GCDs they would gain from the buff, and the average GCD damage during the buff to find the buff's contribution during that range.
  • Character listing should be working again.

Wed Sep 05 2018

  • Added details panel. If the encounter has been cached, the details button will trigger a load (these details will not be cached). This details panel will show timelines of buff contribution in a more granular way. There might be extra ranges than you expect based on pets being desummoned (in turning into demi-bahamut) or players dying, since that would naturally remove buffs.
  • Buffs that are prepull or are removed after the encounter has ended now are tracked again.

Sun Sep 02 2018

Launched domain - http://www.xivrdps.com
  • Launched the new domain name
  • Fixed a bug regarding loading certain debuffs under certain circumstances
  • You can replace an http://www.fflogs.com/reports/... URL with http://www.xivrdps.com/reports/... and it will get the correct encounter.
  • Loading damage contribution will now display a progress bar, since it's the longest process (it gets the entire damage event timeline).

Sat Sep 01 2018

  • Added a loading screen for non-cached encounters.

Fri Aug 31 2018

  • Added Slashing Resistance Down.
  • Uses the actual source of buffs/debuffs. (Radiant Shield is the only exception, as I cannot get its source at this time)
  • Pet damage will now be taken into account, but only debuffs will be applied to them, not buffs.

Wed Aug 29 2018

Overhaul of FFLogs requests
  • Ultima and Tsukuyomi added to the encounter list
  • Encounter listing now shows certain text again
  • Requests sent to FFLogs completely changed. Should be generating at least five times less requests per non-cached page. A few things about player damage calculation from the events list might still have to be changed to keep consistency with the previous approach.

Thu Mar 29 2018

  • I have decided to turn off haste buffs for the time being. Treating them as a static damage buff is not feasible, another method would have to be found.

Sun Feb 04 2018

  • Radiant Shield is now listed as a Summoner buff. Anything that's added like Radiant Shield will now be known as a "special buff", that will be applied after everything else.

Fri Feb 02 2018

Definitions page added.
  • The definitions page was added in order to show all buff metadata to people viewing this site. All calculations should be completely transparent on how they are done, and if something doesn't seem correct, they can contact me to fix it, or submit a pull request with the fix themselves.
  • The disclaimers for haste buffs has been changed to ^, the disclaimers for direct hit buffs has been changed to `, critical hit disclaimers are still *. Now you can distinguish the type from it.

Sat Jan 27 2018

  • Patch version is now tracked (starting with 4.0). If a buff had changes within an encounter's patch, it will use the correct version of the buff. Recaching will need to be done, since this does affect old logs.

Tue Jan 09 2018

  • Expanded cards are now checked if the card buff lasted for >=60s. All other solo cards will still be checked as Enhanced for now, until we can check the Royal Road.
  • Overwritten buffs are now handled separately.

Thu Dec 21 2017

  • Save full results instead of just damage done results to reduce number of FFLogs requests. The only issue is that if more data is needed/changed, this table will likely need to be cleared.

Wed Dec 20 2017

Handle errors better in the case of too many FFLogs requests.
  • Added some more error handling/showing for FFLogs request errors. If the site is getting hammered, "too many requests" errors can occur since FFLogs only allows a maximum of 240 requests every 2 minutes. These changes should help a bit with showing that error more correctly, as there are not too many ways of getting around this issue right now.
  • In certain situations (like Brotherhood, casters were getting affected), role-based buffs were not working properly before. It should be working correctly now. If this breaks anything, please let me know.
  • In the case of duplicate jobs, divide contribution between them by the amount of duplicates (since the app cannot know where buffs came from at this time).
  • Show application errors on an actual page, instead of a blank white page with the error printed out.

Sun Nov 26 2017

  • Hovering over the number in "From Other Buffs" will give you a breakdown of how much each buff contributed damage to that player.
  • Added tracking for Embolden, properly split up into 5 buffs, each lasting 4s.
  • Added tracking for The Spear.
  • Added tracking for The Arrow, Fey Wind.

Sat Nov 25 2017

All buffs will check targeting first, so people out of range will no longer be added to contribution.
  • Targetting information for all buffs added.
  • If "The Balance" is single target, it will now be treated as enhanced balance. Therefore all extra damage from balance fed parses will be attributed to the AST.

Fri Nov 24 2017

Since it was a bit awkward to just use the URL to select logs, I put in a few more ways to look up the logs using the FFLogs listings.
  • Added the Change Log / Issues
  • Added Encounter ID Lookup
  • Added Encounter Name Listing
  • Added Character Name Listing
  • Added tracking of Contagion (Magic Vuln Up), Radiant Shield (Phys Vuln Up), Brotherhood
  • Cache all damage done requests to a DB so we do not have to make a bunch of new FFLogs requests for identical data.


  • Haste buffs are ignored currently.
  • All crit buffs are currently tracked as static damage buffs, find a better way to do this.

Other Info

All buff calculations here are taken by looking at the party's DPS while a buff is up, and multiplying it by the bonus. If a buff is solo or only affects certain targets, that is taken into consideration. Yes, I know there's a bunch of edge cases with dots, stacking multiplicative raid buffs, and etc... This is designed to be an imperfect, naive implementation of data we had to scrounge up before. This makes the current method for finding said data a lot easier. The best way to accurately find this data would be to create a full replay using the timeline of buffs/attacks as they happen.
At the moment, critical hit and direct hit buffs are treated as static damage buffs. The crit modifier used is 0.4666... and the direct hit modifier is half that.
At the moment, all haste buffs are treated as static damage buffs. The function used for this is 1 / (1 - hasteBonus) - 1.
Yes, I know there's a bunch of edge cases with dots, stacking multiplicative raid buffs, and etc... This is designed to be an imperfect, naive implementation of data we had to scrounge up before. This makes the current method for finding said data a lot easier. The best way to accurately find this data would be to create a full replay using the timeline of buffs/attacks as they happen.
Created by: Blackcat Ofillomen of Gilgamesh
Created using the FFLogs API: https://www.fflogs.com
Thanks to Kihra for all the great work he's done on FFLogs to date!